Thursday, October 16, 2008

Festival of Tables 2008 - Part 6

This table deserves a post all its own. The level of detail is just exceptional. Note the location of the table next to the wall. A supplemental table was brought in and decorated with a painted background and a few items as well as gifts for the guests of the table. The theme is "The first Christmas". Figurines and models of early Jerusalem and Bethlehem set the stage for an unnoticed little birth. A small table round table was used as a second tier.

A detail of the Roman palace next to a Jewish market.

The little figurines look like they could walk right off the miniature set and dine with you. Note the oil lamp candles.

Up top is the blessed birth, completely unnoticed by the wedding party at the synagogue.

Detail of the wedding:

Detail of the birth:



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