Sunday, October 19, 2008

Festival of Tables 2008 - Part 10

These last tables had a bit of nostalgia to them. It shows what you can do with even a few items you've been keeping around.

This table looks like your average flower table until you get closer and see some of the elements.

An old photograph, a string of pearls, an old-fashioned iron and baby booties can be seen in this detail shot of the eclectic collection that give this table a subtle charm that grows on you as memories of a life long ago come are reinvigorated.

I took this detail shot before this table was finished. You can see the weathered elements as well as the stated theme of the table: "We are created new in Christ". Look, another butterfly:

The two little flowers hinted at what was to come. Later at the event, I found the table finished and lighted. The flowers had multiplied into a tight bed and more flowers had been added to the decorative watering can. I love the final effect, elegant in all its simplicity.



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