Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Perfect Microsoft Windows

While in India, several of the Indian Kewaunee associates used the notebooks above. It's hard to miss the logo here. I figure Microsoft finally came up with the perfect version of it's Windows platform. This version will never crash. It has word-processing, drawing capabilities, and even spreadsheet capabilities to name a few. Take this baby to the library and you have access to much of what you can find on the Internet.

Math functions are pretty extreme too. Not only can you do the simple stuff like adding and subtracting, but algebra, trig and geometry are a breeze. But this thing can also handle advanced calculus as well as handle the most advanced scientific data.

As for it's physical requirements: It's affordable. It's fully mobile and doesn't require a power connection or have batteries that go dead or go bad. No upgrades are required. Boot up time is incredibly fast. Merely open it and it's ready to go. When the memory is full, simply buy another one at the same low rate. Best of all, it's impervious to all viruses and the operating system never has to be reloaded. No costly maintenance or installations are required.

The only accouterments sold seperately that you will need to purchase are writing implements: any pens, pencils, etc., according to your needs.

And what about specialty programs? You can paste photos on any page or document therein. You can scrapbook to your hearts desire. You can produce documents in any format with any font you desire without having to learn any complex menu commands or go through difficult to search help files. You can do drafting without expensive CAD programs. You may question whether you can listen to your favorite music. Just hum. Any tune is possible while you use this version of Windows.

Perhaps the only drawback is there are no means for watching videos. Sorry, you have to turn on the TV for that or go to the movies. You can do video editing with the capability to edit individual frames, however. Just produce each frame on a different page and flip through them. You'll be amazed. You can speed up the action, slow it down, pause it, etc., all without coming close to crashing the system.

You may wonder about social networking. It's incredible! You can visit your friends or call them on the phone and exchange notes, photos, memories and current status in person!!

Well, that's it. Microsoft has outdone themselves this time.

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