Sunday, March 07, 2010

I know I've been dormant recently. I've had plenty to write, but not the time to write it all. The short of it is that I've gotten a new computer and the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro and have been editing some videos. I'll post the 2009 Christmas concert when I get done with it. The rest aren't appropriate for the general blog format and have their place in more specific ministerial presentations.

Additionally, I've been busy with things at work with a new expansion. In this horrible economy, we're actually growing.

But I've come back to post some photos from the latest Festival of Tables at church. FoT seems to be the most viewed material on this site for some reason, so I might as well feed the hungry eyes.

It's been a year and a half since the last FoT, I suppose because of a change of leadership. the good news is that younger people are getting into it. Several years ago it was populated mostly by older ladies. However, we had several tables this year done by teens and a host of teen boys - young men they are - who served as waiters. We kidded with them that they joined up to meet their future wives.

I can't say I got great photos this time because I was in a hurry and some tables were completed so late that I was surprised I got any photos of their tables at all. The format I'll follow this year is to do one post for each table and then end with a summary post providing a thumbnail and a link to the post for that table.

To start off, here are a few photos of my fellow servers:

This guy with the camera is my compadre, Tony Consalvo. If you ever see the Christmas videos I do, he's the guy behind the cameras.

Some of these may end up on Facebook.

Here are some of these younger guys I was talking about.

This is just a quick general room shot while everyone looks around at the tables before the dinner starts.

After the ladies were done eating and the speaker started, the servers went to eat. So while I was eating I was asked to go relieve the sound man so he could do a sound check in the Worship Center. The lady that provided special music for the FoT was also leading worship the next day. Next to the sound booth was the little cutie in this photo.

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