Friday, August 05, 2005

Judge Roberts' Kids

Setting aside his work in the background of the gay rights case (which is disconcerting), He has consistently preached the limitations of the judicial branch.

Judge Roberts has a couple of kids he has adopted out of Latin America. The liberals are making hay out of the fact that they have a lighter complexion than most Hispanics. The attempt is to imply that Roberts is prejudiced enough to not want darker-skinned kids. What does it matter? While some animosity exists between Hispanics of different origins in some areas of Latin America, for the most part Hispanics are a hodge-podge of different ethnicities. This to the point where they have become their own ethnicity.

The same liberals who claim enlightenment with respect to different "races" of people as well as staunchly hold to evolution as though it were a religious doctrine - these same liberals lack the ability to understand two things:

First is that need is no respecter of persons. The needs of these kids that the Roberts met when they adopted them were irrespective of their skin color. The natural conclusion of the libs' criticism is that the darker skinned kids should be adopted first. Who is being racist? The libs or Roberts?

Second is that the greatest genetic variation between races is no more than .02%. That's right, not 2%, but point-zero-two percent. That's not much. Racism? There's only one race: the human race. This little matter of how much melanin one has in one's skin is so minor that we are fools to make any beans about it. The fact is, with a mixture of European, Indian and African genes, any Hispanic couple capable of producing children can have a very dark baby or very light baby - although the greatest chance is that their offspring will be medium-brown.

They're beautiful people - no matter how much melanin they have.


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