Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm back

It's been a busy year. At work we have enough business to nearly double our capacity. That and we can't find enough people to hire to meet that capacity. At home, we have renovated the kitchen and hung new siding on the house. At church there has been a wonderful parade of mission trips. Overall, a great year so far.

To catch up and give some heads up on future topics:

On the political front, I think I have a bead on what Bush is up to with the amnesty for illegal aliens issue. I also have some ideas about CAFTA. Incidentally, these two topics are related.

This year has also been full of mission trips for my church. Some ladies . The youth have been out to four corners. I took my family to Maracaibo, Venezuela with a team. Another team just got back yesterday from London. Another young man in my church has spent several weeks in Central America and a Physician and his wife are leaving for Guatemala on a medical mission trip.

It's an exciting year and I'll have more to say of these things.


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