Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Can the Democrats Go to the Right?

Ok. On political matters, I try not to repeat stuff others are saying (The Fahrenheit 911 summation of lies was an exception). That's why you won't read me typing on every big story of the day. The libs are asking why the Democrats lost. Rush Limbaugh argues that the right question is, "Why did the Republican's win?" Some of the liberal commentators bemoan a perception that the Democrats have to go right to win. My question is, "Can they?"

The short answer is, "No." In order to go right you have to know where "right" is. The problem with the vast majority of liberals is they don't understand conservatism. They've caricatured it so much that they no longer know what it really is. Caricatures are not real life, folks.

Liberals think conservatives are mean even as Whoopie is grabbing herself and making lude references about the President. Liberals think conservatives are bigots when Bush has the most colorblind cabinet (and one of the most astute cabinets) ever. Liberals think that conservatives are a bunch of money mongers when Bush and Cheney divested themselves of their stock to run for president and the Kerry's continue to flout wealth among the worlds wealthiest. (It doesn't help that they kept their Heinz holdings.) The list could go on...

All said, liberals lost because they don't understand how sensible conservatism really is - when all those fly-over people they think are so stupid do.


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