Friday, September 16, 2005

New Orleans, the New Venice

Bush mentioned in his speech that New Orleans would be rebuilt. I have an idea for rebuilding New Orleans that could keep New Orleans historic charm and renovate its character at the same time. My idea could also solve some of the physical problems that have plagued it ever increasingly over the years.

Not all the city is within the big flood areas. Those areas that can be kept on land without much effort should stay there. However, the parts that require much effort to keep dry should be allowed to flood. In these areas, I suggest building a modern Venetian city. Dry roads can be built over the water to parking decks from which above-water walks can lead to buildings, the first floor of which is above water.Where the Mississippi has eroded its banks and threatens the city, baffles could be erected to control the force of the flow into New Orleans and used to keep the watery streets fresh.

The city should plan on tourism beyond what it has ever seen.

On a side note: As I've been posting about Venezuela, I've learned that the name "Venezuela" means "little Venice" and was called so because the Indian huts along the rivers reminded European explorers of Venice.


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