Friday, September 02, 2005

The Temple May Be Able To Be Rebuilt?!?

A side note: I'm not finished writing about Venezuela. I'm in the process of ripping some stills from the ITAM DVD to post here and Microsoft doesn't make it easy. I'll update the last post about Carnival stories with a photo or two from the DVD. Now on to an interesting tidbit:

Here's a quote from the linked article:

If Kaufman is right about cubits, it's possible Israel could someday rebuild the Temple without having to destroy Islam's Dome of the Rock -- not that Muslims would welcome such nearby construction, either.

For those of you interested in eschatology, this should be intriguing. Many shy away from the study of endtimes in theBible because there is so much debate about it and it's difficult to wade theough all the diverse references in the Bible.

But one of the things mentioned in the apocriphal passages is the temple. This would seem to indicate that the temple will be rebuilt sometime in the future. The fact that the Muslims have a big mosque sitting on the mount has been a problem with this actually happening. The discussion in this article is not entirely a new one, but that it's receiving new attention in the media is an indication that the devout Jews in Israel are becoming more open with what they've been wanting to do since the UN gave the land back to them earlier last century.


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