Sunday, August 07, 2005

Venezuela: The Series

Tonight we had the "share service" for our Venezuela trip. For the next little bit (unless something comes up in the news I feel compelled to address) I'll run a series on our trip to Venezuela. I have plenty of photos, so I'll be sharing some of those.

To begin with, we left Charlotte, NC in two groups. No flight could be found to take us to Miami together although we were flying to Venezuela together. The first group left early on Friday, July 1, to go to Dallas and catch a connecting flight to Miami. The flight to Miami was delayed which would have stranded them in Dallas. A series of flights for the next day was possible to get them to Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the second group was arriving at the airport to catch the flight from Charlotte to Miami. Since the flights for the second group were on time, the second group could go on to Venezuela.

My family was among the second group. We arrived Friday night and decided that we would forego the construction activities for Saturday and that all of us would do the carnival. We had most of our medical team and supplies, so we could do medical as well.

Saturday morning we went to a rural area. The medical team saw 400 people and the kids were great to play with - very well-behaved and cooperative. That evening we came back to the same area to have a program with some drama, dancing and music, and presented the gospel. During the program, a commercial passenger jet flew directly overhead in approach to the airport. This was the rest of our team who had finally made it to Venezuela.

more to come...


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