Saturday, December 10, 2005

Revisiting Hypocrisy

A fellow blogger discovered an explicitly anti-Christian offering on the Washington Democrat's web site. Their store was offering a car magnet of the Christian Fish with a cross and the word "Hypocrite" enveloped in flames on the inside. Shortly after it was outed it was removed, but not before having been captured to a jpeg.

WorldNetDaily carried the story here.

I had posted on hypocrisy earlier, and this round is oddly reminiscent of the mentally handicapped Bush jab. I'd like to point out that there are devout Christians in the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party itself is subversively anti-Christian although it was not always so. The Democratic Party merely has the appearance of tending to people's needs. Their policy preferences do not produce the promised results and we can see that their heart does not consist of the previous moralism that created the impetus for the promises they use to maintain faithfulness to the party: promises such as racial equity, security in the necessities of living and educational opportunities. Those who believe the Democratic Party is earnestly seeking the fulfillments of these and other similar promises are sorely mistaken. In face, socialists have a term for these deluded hopefuls: "useful idiots".

I'm not saying that the Republican Party is pure as the wind-driven snow. However, it's a far cry better than the Democratic Party at the moment. My point up to now is that we should be aware of the intentions of our political bedfellows. We should seek policies that actually produce the results we desire. This means that we can't simply listen to the rhetoric of either party on any given policy, but review the history of such actions and go with the policies that we deduce will actually produce the results we desire.

As for hypocrisy, I'll reiterate my comment to the blog that outed the Washington Democrats hatred:

Christians are hypocrites. That's precisely why we need Christ's atoning work on
the cross. The thing is, those who despise Christians are also hypocrites. I
know this because sin itself is hypocrisy in that the sinner in sinning elevates
himself falsely to godhood by claiming a right to devise his own morality. In
order to be a Christian, one must admit his own sinfulness (hypocrisy). In the
case of Washington Democrats, they appear to deny their own hypocrisy precisely
by pejoratively pointing out the hypocrisy of Christians.


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