Monday, August 27, 2007

Discipleship in Venezuela

The Iglasia Bautista Salvacion and her mission churches have a well-developed system of discipleship. There are things they can teach us about how to go about doing church. However, while they are firmly grounded in the gospel, we also bring a wealth of deeper understanding that they lack. On a side note, I'll mention that many churches in the US not only lack a deeper understanding of the scriptures, but also lack an understanding of the gospel as well as an idea of what the Kingdom of Heaven and the Great Commission is all about. Here with our brothers and sisters in Cabimas we offer them teaching to help them grow spiritually as a church even as we learn from their zeal.

This is Hank Dahl teaching the youth of the church.

This is me teaching the adults.

The children were well atended by adults and were quite an active group. One photo doesn't quite do it and this video almost gives an idea.

Over the next few posts I plan to offer the lessons I taught. I will begin with a teaching of the ordinances and develop their meaning into an understanding of the commandments in the fellowship of believers and a special application in marriage.

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