Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Iredell County Goes High-Def

I love Google Earth. I have visited places I haven't been in awhile. I've visited places that don't exist anymore. I love to scan places around the world both remote and well populated alike. I wonder about the people there. I pray for them and long to see them. I look at ancient sites and wonder how much they've changed. I pan, rotate and tilt the view to look at mountains, canyons, hills and valleys.

Over the past few years I've seen more and more sites updated to high definition. I saw Easter Island go from a fuzzy blob to a place where you can see tiny little statues dotting the hills. I saw the Arecibo observatory go from a dot to a place where you can see the suspended collector. I saw our places in Venezuela become more than just some lines and dots. now I can see where we visited people, and the places we've laid our weary heads after a long day in the Venezuelan heat.

Until recently, much of North Carolina was low definition save for Charlotte, Winston Salem and parts of the coast. Now it appears as though the whole State has been updated to moderate definition, but Iredell County of note has been updated to high definition. In downtown Statesville, one can see tiny little people on the walks. I have screen captured my places from above so you can see. We have determined that the photography was done early in 2006.

Here is my home in the country:

The mobile home was where Lois and I first lived. We now rent it out and live in the house. We own the wooded area behind the land the buildings are on as well as the garden. My father-in-law owns the trees on the other side of the garden and the field beyond that. The roof of the main house has since been rebuilt. The addition on the south side is where my office is. The extension behind the house is a living area, garage and garden porch that my father-in-law and I built. in this photo you can note that my father-in-law has just done some landscaping next to the garden. We have since landscaped the area between the house and the driveway and put new gravel in the driveway.

This is where I work:

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation. I am the Production Controller of the Resin Materials Division. The Resin Plant makes those heavy black tops you've seen in school laboratories.

Finally, this is the church where I am a member:

Western Avenue Baptist Church. You can find out all about us at the web site.

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