Saturday, March 22, 2008

Making the Incarnation Real

I've introduced my Sunday School professor, David Moss, to you before. I think I've referred to him as a Sunday School teacher before, but that seems a little silly. Most adult classes are beyond flannelgraph and coloring books. Some adult classes even drop the trite denominational publications designed for adult Sunday School classes. David's teaching has been attracting a few students from other churches. I've never seen this before and it's an odd situation when you see faces in Sunday School that you don't see in church. What are you going to do - tell them to go home? Nevertheless, it speaks to the high caliber of his teaching. Therefore, I call him a Sunday School "professor".

Most recently he has been teaching a series on holiness using a book by Francis Schaeffer as a framework. The past few Sundays he's gone through a section concerning the incarnation and what it means for us today. This is appropriate here as we celebrate the Resurrection this weekend. While we celebrate the incarnation at Christmas, there is no separating the incarnation from the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And while this is understandable on one level, we often miss the fact that there are practical implications for us as believers. I'm editing the audio of some recent classes to post here because I think this is an important lesson that is often not well absorbed and I think David does a great job expounding on just how we should be living out the incarnation as the Body of Christ.

Warning: there's a lot of meat here. If you're a spiritual vegitarian, you might not want to listen.

The two ways that he gives for us to live out the incarnation is 1) in our marriages (and, by extension, our families), and 2) in our churches. I'll post edited lessons on these as I get them edited.

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