Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Common Ancestry Begs the Question

I was listening to some lectures Dr. Alvin Plantinga gave at Southern Seminary last year concerning the origins debate. As I listened, it occurred to me that Darwinism has a serious flaw I had never considered before. It has many serious flaws, but this one is so obvious I wonder why I haven't heard this brought up. Surely someone else has noticed it, but in all my reading and debating on the subject, I've never seen or heard it discussed. As such I had three revelations:

First, without Common Ancestry (CA) molecules-to-man evolution is irrelevant.

Second, rather than Molecules-to-Man Evolution (MME) being foundational to CA, CA is foundational to MME. That is to say, one would expect CA to be the conclusion and MME to be one of the premises. Rather, Darwin noticed similar morphologies and concluded that CA was true. Later, genes were discovered and it was supposed that this would support CA. Therefore all the data, when interpreted by Darwinists, must be interpreted as though MME is true a priori. Then the argument is couched such that the conclusion becomes the premise and the premise becomes the conclusion.

Third, CA begs the question that genes are too complex to have happened spontaneously. Let me 'splain:

One of the keystones of Darwinism is CA. But why do they believe in CA rather than the spontaneous generation of early life in multiple places or multiple times? It's because they actually understand that spontaneous life is so improbable that it couldn't possibly have happened but once. They're unwilling to believe in an Intelligent Designer (IDer), so to them it had to happen at least once. Why is it so improbable? Because of it's exceeding complexity. This is the question that's begged. They never ask because they don't want to accept the answer.

If it is so complex that Darwinists must assume CA for all life, and MME as a consequence, then it is far more likely that there is an IDer than it just happened spontaneously. If there is an IDer, then there is no need to assume MME. That's why they're willing to assent to spontaneous life that is impossibly complex without recognizing the implications.

I can't believe no one else has realized this yet. And the problem is they've got a lot of people snowed into thinking that this is good science.

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