Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why Surrogacy is Not Choosing Life

Newsweek ran an article about the use of surrogate mothers recently. They spun the practice in a positive light. Why spin it in a positive light if no one objects? Well, many object - including Christians who are also pro-lifers. You would think that pro-lifers would be all about surrogacy. After all, here are people who want to make babies rather than kill them.

One could argue that in an age where babies are being killed in utero by the millions that there would be no need for surrogate mothers. There are orphanages around the world full of kids that need good parents. There are kids in the Unites States that need good parents. These are good considerations. It's a needed minisitry to open a home to children. However, this argument is utilitarian rather than foundational.

"Choosing life" is an oxymoron. The Author of life is the only one qualified and capable of "choosing" it and He chooses to give it to whom He will. Abortion is requested for many reasons and is almost always an unwillingness to sacrificially submit to the needs of another, for that's what parenthood is. Surrogacy is the solution to fulfill the felt need to propogate using one's own genetic material. Both abortion and surrogacy are selfish endeavors and controvert a principle that life is sacrificial. Inasmuch as God is the Author of life and we gain life only by being in communion with Him, He demonstrates His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. This death gives life, and not life that is a mere breath upon the earth, but life eternal. How much more should we, creatures of the Creator, likewise endeavor to live sacrificially and in submission to Him and even the least of His people if we have this life?

Otherwise, the dead know nothing.

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