Thursday, April 03, 2008

Old Photos: Late 1960s

Here's another interesting photo from the wedding. Mom and Dad were married at Middle District Church of the Brethren in Tipp City Ohio. I can't remember the name of Dad's best man, but you can see my grandparents in the right of the photograph, my mom's parents flanking my dad's parents. Just behind my dad is Mom's sister, my aunt Wilma, the Matron of Honor. Then the best man and his wife. Then Wilma's husband, Uncle Jerold Brewer. Beside Jerold is my mom's brother and his wife, Norman and Betty Reeder. The last couple is my mom's youngest sister, Ann, with her husband, Norman Weaver. The kids, from left to right are Marie Brewer, Jeanette Reeder, Bill Brewer and Sheila Brewer, who are my four oldest cousins and whose parents are also all in the photo.

The Church of the Brethren is an offshoot of the Mennonites. I can't say their distinction is great theology. As it is, the most I can come away with is that they are pacifistic and practice "trine immersion". Otherwise, they don't seem to really push theology as a denomination. This seems rather wishy-washy to me. Nevertheless, while some in the denomination have gone wrong in their teaching, most that I have seen have managed to keep it pretty close to center, although I can't say that it's a very deep center.

I do recall some in the church I grew up in still wearing the older style clothing. This is a gathering of the Brethren of some sort:

Here is my dad directing one of his high school bands:

My family always enjoyed camping and we often camped with our extended family. From right to left: cousin Bill, Uncle Norman Reeder, cousin Marie, cousin Jeanette and Aunt Betty:

At the other angle (with cousin Bill again in the foreground) from right to left: Uncle Jerold, Aunt Wilma, Cousin Sheila, Cousin Eric (being entertaining), and my little face being fed by my dad:

It seems I may have jumped ahead slightly. I had to come into this world at some point:

For some reason everyone always commented on my hair. Yes, it's standing straight up on it's own. It'll curl some if I let it, but it's too easily unkempt that way:

My little brother, Mark, also came along right at the end of the 60s. Hi, bro!

I think I take after my Ma-maw.

I remember always liking to play on the farm equipment, much to the chagrin of my parents. Not always, though. Mom was pleased enough to snap this photo of me on grandpa's tractor:

I showed this photo to my kids and asked them who it was. They thought it was my yongest son, Paul.

Here's an Easter photo of the kids for comparison:

God is good!

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