Friday, May 02, 2008

Old Photos - 1970s

Well, FY2008 is finally over. I've been plenty busy at work so I haven't posted much. Tomorrow, I'll be singing in Ridgecrest for the Child Evangelism Fellowship international conference with our music ministry from church. I've also been putting together a video, which I'll post on later. On to the photos from the 70s...

LEt's start with a school photo from South Elementary School in Greenville, Oh:

We had four neighbor girls next door. These were the oldest two, Charlotte and Gerri Enicks. I don't have any photos of their younger two sisters, Jo Anne and Kelly. If I was Charlie Brown, Gerri was my Lucy van Pelt. She's the one sitting at the top of the slide. She's the one that let go of the bike when I was coasting down the small hill between our houses. I learned to ride then, but I crashed and burned big-time.

This is the front of our house. It was a duplex and we rented out the other side of it until the mid-70s. Then mom tore out a few walls and build doorways to the other side. I got a piano room out of the deal. Dad got a ham radio room. Mom got a washroom and me and my brother got a spare bedroom and bathroom to play in during the summer. During the winter, the upstairs of the other side was closed off. I remember goin up there and seeing the water in the toilet frozen. That was weird.

This was when Happy Days was the rage. The Fonz was cool!

My cat, Tasha, liked to have kittens. She's being held by my brother, Mark. Another girl, Julie, from across the neighborhood is holding the other kitten.

In the summer of 1976 we took a fishing trip with my aunt Wilma and her family to Bemidji, Minnesota. That's me trying to climb up Paul Bunyan's leg. My brother is squatting in the front. Cousin Marie has found herself a boyfriend there and cousin Eric fancies himself a junior giant.

Back at the lake we fished. I'm at the bow. Is that great-grandpa Oaks? There's dad in his Bocephus look with Uncle Jerold at the motor.

After Wilma and Jerold had moved to North Carolina, we came to visit and went camping at the beach. That's one reason why almost all the guys are shirtless. Here I am reading and practicing poor posture.

My brother was sleeping on cousin Bill. I'm not sure who the guy behind us is, but he and some other people hung around us while we were there.

Whenever we camped, we hoed down. (That's easier to type than to say.)

We also stopped and saw some historical sites. This is me with my Gilligan hat, jeans jacket, clod-hoppers and stripey jeans. This is very 70s.

The winter of '78 we had a blizzard. The front of the house wasn't too bad.

This was our church after the parking lot was grated. I was baptized here that February.

We moved to North Carolina after that because my mom had been diagnosed with cancer and dad already had a job in Statesville, NC. At my aunt and uncle's house in Lexington, NC, the hoe-downs didn't stop. I'd say "pickin' and grinnin'" but I don't see anyone grinnin'. They're just pickin' hard.

Later that year we moved to Statesville and mom died. We buried her back in Ohio.

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Blogger Mark Pemberton said...

I was pretending to sleep on Bill. Look at my lip. LOL, funny stuff! The good ol' days...

Tue May 06, 09:15:00 AM GMT-5  

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