Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harriet Miers

This wild card that Bush has thrown has caused a bit of a stir. Some libs like her because they think she's liberal. Some libs don't like her because they think she's conservative. Most conservatives are skeptical because they simply don't know. The issue with conservatives don't fall on what they think of Miers, but how much trust they are willing to give to George Bush.

Bush has given us two sides of the coin on most big issues. He has taken on the war against terrorism. He has also left our borders open. he has given us tax cuts that have effectively raised revenue and stimulated the economy. He has also authorized the biggest federal spending increases in US history.

We elected him. Should we not support him? Yet according to principle, it is right for us to question any incongruity we see in his character. The fact is, we don't know - and that bothers us.

However, this illustrates one difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals tend to project their preferences and biases. This is why they are quick to form opinions without having the facts. (They typically gather evidence later to support their opinion and deny or ignore facts that disagree with their opinion.) Conservatives like to have all the facts. That is why we reserve our opinions about such as Meirs until we have some significant data about her to analyze. This is why we now focus on Bush and why he would deny us some hard facts and tell us only, "Trust me."


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