Thursday, January 12, 2006

Is It Wrong To Love Those Who Despise You?

In the linked article, Pro-Lifers (Anti-Abortionists) are holding a march in San Francisco to encourage people to love women who are faced with the decision to have an abortion. Pro-Abortionists (Anti-Lifers) want to forcibly stop them.

So the Anti-Lifers want to take away the choice of Anti-Abortionists to promote showing love to women who wish to kill their unborn babies. I suppose the Anti-Lifers would want the Anti-Abortionists to hate these women? Let me guess, their argument is that it's not really love if you take away their "reproductive choice" (which is a euphemism for killing their unborn babies). The Anti-Lifers know this argument is a farce. While they may not agree with Margaret Sanger, the mother of the abortion movement in the US, they don't honestly hold "choice" as foundational to their worldview. (Margaret Sanger's goal for abortion was to reduce the population of Blacks, Jews, southern Europeans and others by killing them before they were born.) What is the linchpin of the Anti-Lifers if it's not choice? It varies. For many, they just want to do what they want to do without anyone telling them what to do. For others, they have had abortions and the resulting emotional turmoil necessitated either admitting they were wrong or severely warping their understanding of the world in order to justify what they did. In this case, they would have chosen the latter which means that their foundation isn't intellectually consistent...

...which is why, according to the Anti-Lifers, it's wrong to love those who despise you as much as it is to show concern for a life enough to speak up when that life is in jeopardy.


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