Thursday, January 05, 2006

Palestinian Terrorists - Prepared to Celebrate

Palestinian terrorists promise to launch rockets into Israel if Sharon dies. What's holding them back from firing now? Apparently, they only want an excuse to justify the senseless deaths of Israelis to the rest of the world.

Not all Palestinians are so filled with hatred against Israelis. There are even Arabic Israelis who are Muslim who have no problem with their fellow Israelis. It's only this dangerous group of Palestinians who have this blood lust for killing Jews. Incidentally, those rockets that are aimed at Israel are certainly more substantial than the rocks and sticks that the popular media claim they only have the resources to use.

Were it not for the anti-Jewish Europeans in the UN, there would be no problem eliminating the Palestinian terrorists and bringing peace to the region. After all, the land was not given back to the Jews after WWII because the UN wanted to do something good for them. The land was given back because the Europeans wanted them to leave Europe. Despite much opposition from many of the Arabs in the area, Israel has worked hard and prospered. If the Palestinians would have done the same instead of trying to kill the Jews who came to the land as refugees, they would be just as prosperous today if not more so.


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