Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pentagon Paranoia

The Pentagon has been covertly investigating anti-war meetings in the US. The thought is that the Pentagon is just demonstrating it's paranoia. Consider that we are being infiltrated by terrorists coming across our southern border. This activity is not uncommon in the US during the time of war. The reason the Pentagon does this is because they recognize that our enemies in war want to destroy us and will come onto our soil for either direct attacks on our people or for espionage. It behooves the Pentagon to check out people who may reasonbly be suspected to hinder our war efforts and risk the lives of our military personnel. This may include foreign infiltrators as well as US citizens who are working for the enemy.

Knowing this, is the anti-war crowd itself not paranoid as well? Is it okay to be paranoid if you have no power to do anything about it? Or is it really paranoia if it's true? The fact of the matter is, if you are doing anything that would make the Pentagon think you could subvert their efforts or harbor those who would subvert their efforts, then you should expect to be investigated. After all, we're at war whether you like it or not.


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