Thursday, January 05, 2006

'The Book of Daniel' and the Art of Distorting Real Life

This show's writer, Jack Kenney, has in mind that the characters he has created "are very spiritual people. They believe in God, they believe in Christ as their savior, and I think that's wonderful." All baloney aside, everyone is spiritual. It's what you do with your spirituality that's important. But the distortion of truth in the program comes not from the fact that people do things that are bad, but that people who are Christian, especially those in the position of full-time ministry, doing things this bad are portrayed as normal for the Christian life.

Jack Kenney may have an idea that these things are better than what he has experienced in life. If so, I'm saddenned that he doesn't know any better. I suspect, however, that he does know better, but subvertly wants to normalize a depraved lifestyle in order to distort the public conversation on it. If so, he would never admit it.


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