Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Photos 2007

My side of our extended family just got together for photos. it's been five years since we've had these taken and it's remarkable to see how everyone grows and changes. This is the whole family:

1. Luke - the oldest son of Lois and I
2. Lois - my wife
3. Morgan - the daughter of my step-brother Mike and his wife Lisa
4. Yours truly
5. Mike - my step-brother
6. Lisa - Mike's wife
7. Mark - my brother
8. Carrie - Mark's wife
9. Hope - the daughter of Lois and I
10. Paul - the youngest son of Lois and I
11. Martin - my dad
12. Ruth - the oldest daughter of Mark and Carrie
13. Diane - my step-mom
14. Anna - the youngest daughter of Mark and Carrie
15. Landon - the son of Mike and Lisa

Grandparents and grandkids. (What is Hope looking at?)

Dad and Diane and their three muchachos.

Lois and I and our three kids.

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