Friday, November 16, 2007

Humorous Christian Choir Pronunciation

Anyone who has sung in a choir for Christmas has been admonished to sing Hallelujah as such: "Hah - leh - loo - yah" rather than "Haw - lay - lew - yuh". But having sung in church choirs much of my adult life, I have built several humorous mis-pronunciations. Here are a few off the top of my head:

"Praise we the Lore..."
or "Lore, have mercy." (This would be Data's brother from Star Trek TNG - don't forget the final "d")

"God of gray sand, God of glory" (Well, He did make all the sand, even the gray colored sand.)

From O Holy night: "O knight, de-vine" (It's the only way to save the tree.)

Lead On, Oh Kinky Turtle (Not really a pronunciation issue, but listen to this choral sound-alike next time you sing this one in church - you won't hear this one the same ever again - I've warped your ear for life.)

The Lord's Prayer: "...lead a snot into temptation..." (This one is hard not to sing. Almost unavoidable.)

"Amazing grey sow, sweet the sound" (Oink? This is another unavoidable sound-alike.)

If any of you are choir members and have similar ones you've noticed, feel free to share.

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