Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Rhythm of Life

My old drama instructor encouraged me and my fellow thespian hopefuls to perform with rhythm. As we rehearsed, she would clap her hands to indicate the tempo into which we were to place our actions on stage. Inasmuch as art imitates life, the art of acting must imitate the natural rhythms of life.

My high school band director taught me everything from how to appreciate and interpret music from the Romantic period to the philosophies of jazz improvisation. His lesson was that music, with its vast variety of rhythms, tempos, tones and timbres, is a form of acting. That its artistic imitation of life had a sense of rhythm: the placement of events in time with a certain regularity; the dramatic tension and release of melodies and harmonies.

God created order in this universe. Although we have polluted it with our rebellion against God, His creation yet breathes, inhaling and exhaling, and its heart beats. All this is still evident through the fog of our sin.

The following presentations are good examples of the art that imitates the rhythm of life.

Stomp Out Loud:


This was "Animusic - 06 - Acoustic Curves"
The Animusic series is a fantastical rendering of various types of instrumental music. There are too many to include, so I offer this index of what I have found:

Animusic - 01 - Future Retro
Animusic - 02 - Stick Figures
Animusic - 03 - Aqua Harp
Animusic - 04 - Drum Machine
Animusic - 05 - Pipe Dream
Animusic - 06 - Acoustic Curves
Animusic - 07 - Harmonic Voltage

Animusic 2 - 01 - Starship Groove
Animusic 2 - 02 - Pogo Sticks
Animusic 2 - 03 - Resonant Chamber
Animusic 2 - 04 - Cathedral Pictures
Animusic 2 - 05 - Pipe Dream 2
Animusic 2 - 06 - Fiber Bundles
Animusic 2 - 07 - Gyro Drums
Animusic 2 - 08 - Heavy Light

Animusic - Beyond the walls

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